panicmail: отчёт о kernel panic


Описание лучше привести без перевода:

When rebooting after a panic, send an encrypted email containing basic
dump metadata along with a kernel backtrace, in order to assist FreeBSD
developers in identifying and fixing common panics.


If you install this and add


to your /etc/rc.conf, a panic report will be generated and sent to root@ for
you to review and submit (via email). You can skip the reviewing step and
submit panics automatically by setting


The panics submitted are encrypted to an RSA key which I hold in order to keep
them secure in transit; and I intend to keep the raw panic reports confidential
except to the minimum extent necessary for other developers to help me process
the incoming reports.

If I receive enough panic reports to be useful, I hope to provide developers
with aggregate statistics. This may include:

* regular email reports listing the «top panics», to help guide developers
towards the most fertile areas for stability improvements;

* email to specific developers alerting them to recurring panics in code they
maintain (especially if it becomes clear that the panic has been recently
introduced); and

* guidance to re@ and secteam@ about how often a particular panic occurs if
an errata notice is being considered

as well as other yet-to-be-imagined reports of a similarly aggregate and
anonymized nature.

So please install the sysutils/panicmail port and enable it in rc.conf! This
all depends on getting useful data, and I can’t do that without your help.

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